• Are you migrating to Microsoft Exchange® from IBM Lotus Domino®?
  • Are you migrating to IBM Lotus Domino® from Microsoft Exchange®?
  • Do you want peace of mind when you migrate you users?

Sync-ED is ideal for system migrations. Whether you are moving from Microsoft Exchange® to IBM Lotus Domino® or from IBM Lotus Domino® to Microsoft Exchange®, Sync-ED provides you with the best migration path. Because Sync-ED was designed for long term coexistence, data transfer is far more reliable than ordinary migration tools. Rather than discover that you have a problem with your new environment or transfer after you have "flicked the switch", Sync-ED lets you solve any transfer issues over any length of time while keeping both the old and new systems up and running.


Sync-ED will allow you to migrate all your user's data to you new system while they are still working on the old one. You could move any number users to the new system, without interruption to your business. Both systems are kept up to date in real time, allowing you to be 100 percent sure of your new system before you turn the old one off. And, if you do strike trouble with some part of your new system you can simply switch your users back without loss of vital data.

Big Bang

Migration have traditionally been a "big-bang" approach, switching users from one system to another between a Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

With Sync-ED installed the IT department has the option to extend the Migration period using a mini coexistence approach. This means that the end users are effectively on both systems for a short period. For example John Smith would continue to use his Calendar and Contacts using Microsoft Outlook/Exchange®, and at the same time these entries are also in IBM Lotus Notes/Domino®. This gives John the ability to be trained on his live data, to verify his converted data, and cut-over in an time-frame that suits both the IT and John.


Data converted with Sync-ED has extremely high accuracy as the system is operating as a coexistence tool. Other migration tools fail in some areas of data conversion. Examples are: preservation of attachments and other rich text objects in calendar entries; maintaining the Chairperson of Meeting entries, basic and complex customised repeats, and even repeating entries in general. Sync-ED has to work because it is designed as an "always on", real time, coexistence solution.